The courage to be real

In our Instagram world, it is not always easy to portray life as it really is. We get pulled into a virtual universe of looking good. Posting pretty. Forgetting the edges and corners of reality.

The draw to place things in the best light possible is a natural human tendency. No one wants to admit when life gets hard. We want answers wrapped in beautiful bows. We seek instant gratification and gracefully packed solutions.

Photo courtesy of Oliver Cole/Unsplash

On the other hand, I would argue simplicity is not beyond reach. In fact, I advocate for a slower world filled with think-before-we-act measures. It is not easy to come by when life’s rhythm gyrates to a tempo faster than our hearts can beat.

And yet. Aren’t we touched by those with the courage to be real? The ancient wisdom of authenticity moves us all. The thirteen-year-old foster child who cries when she finds out she is being adopted. The little kitty, acting on instinct, swats at the bigger one to get to the feeding bowl faster. The 80-year-old who sings his heart out and wins the casting show.

When hidden agendas emerge to the fore, we know we’ve been duped. Some days we don’t even take the time to notice, moving on to the next thing. But then there are those heart-stopping moments where the planet seems to stop on its axis and we clearly see the truth of things. Maybe for the first time that day. That week. That year.

I admire authentic people. Even if they may seem harsh in the face of our post-your-prettiness world. Because they are real. You can count on them to tell you the truth.

And that takes courage, too.

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