The Act of Self-Forgiveness

“What a stupid thing to do!” “How could I have done that?” “I’m soooo embarrased!” “I’m such an idiot.” We have all said these things to ourselves at one point in our lives. The negative self-talk in which we engage only serves to make us […]

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Five Fast Ways to More Joy

The title caught your eye, didn’t it? Not all things that are worthwhile have to come slowly. And although I am dedicated to the power that slow brings, I’m equally committed to human happiness. And I mean for everyone. You can experience instant joy by […]

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My Camera Took a God Trip

Life is not a plan. It’s a journey. This is something my mom knows well. So it was fitting that, as we journeyed NYC-bound on the Acela Express, we would soon learn not only people can travel, but things can, too. You see my mom […]

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Take time to say thanks

The pencil writing was barely legible so I leaned closer to get a better look. The hand-writing revealed youth, vigor, vim and a gratitude that moved me. It was a thank-you note, scribbled on a Post-It note twenty-four years ago. It was a demonstration of […]

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Time to Be Kind

As Halloween decorations get whisked off front lawns, we enter the season of gratitude. Numerous studies have shown that being thankful can contribute to longevity. Gratitude also fosters kindness, something the world can use more of today. As we bustle about, stressed about the economy and […]

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