Dead Man (Distracted) Walking

The other day I scored major points with my son. He indirectly mentioned his concern about my iPhone obsession by commenting about how another soccer mom watched her phone more than the game. “She’s reaaaaaaally manic about her phone, Mom,” he eyed me closely. He […]

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Life: Unplugged

If you don’t think you’re hooked on gadgets, think again. We all are. It’s unavoidable. Even if you’re the least techie person you know. It’s everywhere. Like the air you breathe. Just yesterday life got off to a whirring start. That is, to the whirring […]

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Mind-mapping your way to freedom

Many thanks to Psychology Today reader Kallin, who pointed me to this mind map, courtesy of It beautifully illustrates how we can regain control of the things we do in the time that we have. Happy Monday Morning, All!

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The Rise of the Data Dragon

Suffering from too much information (T.M.I.)? According to a recent Basex research study on information overload, you’re not alone. It’s becoming more and more apparent that my prediction of the Top 5 Time Wasters in the 21st century is indeed coming true. As a recap, […]

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What Kind of Techie Are You?

Do you own a cell phone? Like the 83% of  US adults that do, the world is becoming increasingly tech-driven. It’s gotten me curious. Are there tech profiles? Do people’s tech preferences say something about them? DigitalBuzz says that of the 4+ billion cellphones in use today, […]

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