Work: The Long and the Hard of It

Seth Godin makes a great point (when does he not?) when he draws a distinction between long and hard work. Long work contains the number of hours one puts in at the office, such as the lawyer that bills a fourteen-hour day. Hard work is […]

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How Plastic Are Our Lives?

Two years ago my husband and I participated in a TV science program about life without petroleum products for a day. It was astounding how many things we use that are petroleum-based. Plastic is just one of them. The animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and […]

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Quotes on Time

My sage stepmother sent me some gems I wanted to share with you. She has an inspirational calendar chock full of wisdom. She even tossed in one of her own. The subject? My favorite: time. “Life is all about timing… the unreachable becomes reachable, the […]

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