It’s as simple as asking ‘Whose Problem is This’

Some of us are more ambitious than others. I’ll readily admit I have high hopes for my smart, charming daughter and my entertaining, athletic son. But more importantly, whose life is it, anyway? If my kids don’t do their homework, who suffers? Other than the possibility their lives might emulate the cast of the movie, Failure to Launch, it isn’t really our problem when your kids make bad decisions. Ultimately, they have to deal with the consequences. We only think we do.

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Slow Idea to All Things Good

Start a smile file. Any time you receive a lovely card, artwork from a friend or child, a postcard from relatives or whatever else makes you break into a wide grin, put it in an All Things Good file. Pull it out whenever you’re feeling […]

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Winter WonderWhat?

No matter how hard I try, winter is the one season I have a hard time embracing. I see animals struggle to stay cold (heck! anyone dependent on Russia’s non-flowing natural gas supply right now is struggling to do the same), the trees look like […]

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New Beginnings

The mere cadence of Svetlana Konnikova’s post reminds me of the power of slowing down. Having enjoyed almost two weeks off, I have returned to the pace of my heartbeat’s rhythm. It was wonderful to feel “allowed” to watch a movie with my children last night, even […]

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Slow Toy Idea

Bernadette Noll at Slow Family Living offers a great slow toy idea: a stick. Despite all the Pirates of the Caribbean toys my son seems to possess, his trusty stick is the one he covets the most. Tip: Take a walk in nature and find […]

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What can we learn from the SlowDown?

I wrote the word SlowDown like this on purpose. It is a monumental event, like New Year’s, that deserves to be capitalized. It may be the single most painful, yet purposeful things this world has experienced in centuries. Because I am not an economist, I […]

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