One step closer to fun

My publisher sent me the catalog copy for my new book, The Power of Slow. I’m thrilled as it is proof it really is going to happen!! My husband and I decided to have  a slow morning with a leisurely breakfast and a chat. It […]

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Decelerating Life, One Car at a Time

I meet the neatest people. Christa Clark-Jones is founder of, a user-generated website for car-free enthusiasts.  She is an award-winning short filmmaker who has worked with the City of Davis, California, studying the impacts of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Christa received her B.S. […]

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Slow Process of Becoming

Univision interviewed me for an upcoming piece on stay-at-home moms. I was reminded of the process I went through when pregnant with my first child.  Ever since I was little, I had wanted to become a writer. Raise an eyebrow through the written word? I […]

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Slow shopping through swapping

Ever heard of eBay? If you’re online, how could you not? Like eBay, is place to get good, used stuff. It is a swap-n-shop Web site especially for parents with an eye for sustainable living. Swap gently used items for points, or Zoints, to purchase […]

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Abundant Thinking

In the February 2009 issue of Success magazine, publisher and editorial director, Darren Hardy, shares his top eight tips for fostering abundant thinking in children. I find his list fascinating on three accounts: one, Success is a business magazine ; two, a business magazine publisher, who is […]

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It’s as simple as asking ‘Whose Problem is This’

Some of us are more ambitious than others. I’ll readily admit I have high hopes for my smart, charming daughter and my entertaining, athletic son. But more importantly, whose life is it, anyway? If my kids don’t do their homework, who suffers? Other than the possibility their lives might emulate the cast of the movie, Failure to Launch, it isn’t really our problem when your kids make bad decisions. Ultimately, they have to deal with the consequences. We only think we do.

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Slow Idea to All Things Good

Start a smile file. Any time you receive a lovely card, artwork from a friend or child, a postcard from relatives or whatever else makes you break into a wide grin, put it in an All Things Good file. Pull it out whenever you’re feeling […]

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Winter WonderWhat?

No matter how hard I try, winter is the one season I have a hard time embracing. I see animals struggle to stay cold (heck! anyone dependent on Russia’s non-flowing natural gas supply right now is struggling to do the same), the trees look like […]

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