Spyware of a Safer Kind

stop-signIt appears parents are concerned. As well they should  be. Tossing your cellphone-armed kid the keys to the family car is like tossing him or her a six-pack of beer, according to one commentator in yesterday’s Washington Post article about driving safety and banning cellphone usage whilst behind the wheel.

It is a topic I address in The Power of Slow. Multitasking has been taken to new heights. Locking cellphones with GPS systems that can detect how fast you are growing is one method of shutting down jabberjaws and thumbless drivers who navigate their vehicles with their knees.

The article rightfully points out that other distracting activities while driving, such as downing a three-course meal or applying make-up, are equally dangerous.

With our new technological landscape, drive slowly has a whole new meaning.

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