Learning the power of waiting

Ever since I have written the forthcoming book, The Power of Slow, I have taken on a whole new relationship with time. Waiting no longer phases me. In every moment there is something to learn.

Yesterday I had to wait an hour in a foyer. I had received a job from my casting agency to appear in a TV court show. Uncertain as to how long the train would take, I arrived an hour early. So I took a moment to chat it up with another extra who had gotten the time wrong herself. I learned she is from Bali and has two children. We shared our views on parenting and passed the time beautifully.

Next came the moment when the director came in to hand select a few of the extras to sit next to the main actor of the TV court show.  They chose me and a few others. It was exciting and involved more waiting until the make-up artist was free. In fact, the whole day we spent sitting, waiting, and looking interested as the cameras and the actors did their jobs.

It was a fascinating experience, one I’d like to do again. In the end, I met a wonderful show regular with whom I exchanged business cards (when not playing a judge, she is an interior designer and architect!).

“It is in the waiting  that the most wonderful things unfold,” I told her. She smiled widely with a nod of acknowledgment.

Epiphanies can happen in the strangest of places…

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