Why not to Work on the Weekends


The top ten reasons why working on the weekends is a bad idea are:

  1. ¬†That Friday buzzy head feeling doesn’t go away.
  2. You lack weekend fun and a change of scene, making Jill duller than the knives in my kitchen.
  3. Monday feels like Friday times two.
  4. You get impatient with people who actually work on week days only. “Whaddya mean you haven’t finished the report?” you shout at your colleague who came in at 7:45 am on Monday morning to get a fresh start to the week.
  5. You resent said colleague and detect a slight BBQ odor on his jacket. Was he having fun while you were, well, not?
  6. You forget which day it is.
  7. The Sunday funnies go unread.
  8. Your laundry pile grows, as does the mold on your shower curtain.
  9. Your mental attitude suffers.
  10. Your productivity level sinks, as does your morale.

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