Timeless Traveler

Death is not something we like to talk about. At least not in Western culture. It reminds us of endings, of our finite existence, our impermanence of being. It brings up feelings of abandonment and fear. And yet each one of us goes this way. […]

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A Return to Love

When did life turn into a game of Whack-a-Mole? If you switch on the news for even a moment, it’s as if the entire world has turned into a thwacking, walloping, hectic machine. We’re dodging and hopping and pummeling against an elusive something. We argue. […]

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That Special Kind of Crazy

If there is one thing I’ve learned as a creative professional, you must always nurture your special kind of crazy. I deal with business people. A lot. The ones who have been successful have never conformed. They’ve danced outside of the box – and sometimes […]

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The Google-ization of Life

There is more to life than convenience and quick answers. Sometimes the slow route to knowledge is more interesting. Yet Google would have us believe — with its heart-warming television commercials — that the world is just a click away. And every answer to every […]

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The Magic Kingdom

Magic lives everywhere. It hangs from the trees, it slides through the sand, it nestles between the rocks in the mountains. Magic breathes between the spaces of our lives. If we give it room, it will flourish. Every one of us has the possibility of […]

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Life’s Little Surprises

You wake up an hour later than you thought. Your job description has been turned on its head. The weather takes a sudden turn. Change, and the way its managed, can impact our lives more than we realize. As I recently read somewhere, long-term success […]

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Why not to Work on the Weekends

The top ten reasons¬†why working on the weekends is a bad idea are: ¬†That Friday buzzy head feeling doesn’t go away. You lack weekend fun and a change of scene, making Jill duller than the knives in my kitchen. Monday feels like Friday times two. […]

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