Techno Shock and the Time of My Life

Establishing a positive relationship with time sometimes requires we go out on a limb, such as taking risks to try new things while spending the units in our personal bank account of time wisely.

Yesterday I took a drum aerobics class for the heck of it. Don’t know what that is? I didn’t either until I tried it.

Admittedly, I thought someone else would be doing the drumming while I pranced about to the beat. I envisioned a team of African drummers beating their hearts out while I danced out mine.

Not so.

african drummerThe five-foot-wonder at the head of the class looked harmless enough. She had us get down large exercise balls that you normally sit on and grab a pair of drumsticks.

“Let’s go,” was all she said.

For the next hour we banged the ball with all our might to the beat of techno music blaring from the speakers. I was so concentrated on the dance moves that I completely forgot I was actually moving. More importantly, I also forgot the time. 

During the last five minutes, the instructor spoke.

“If you’re T-shirt’s not wet yet, it will be.”

I grew scared. I had already seen what the little power pack was capable of. We beat, we danced, we beat some more.

It was the most well-spent time I’ve had all week.

How do you find time to do what you love?

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