Fire Tenders

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Fire can teach you a lot. Get too close and you’ll get burned. Walk too far away and you’re left in the cold. Make it too big and it destroys everything.

Starting a fire requires a certain technique. You need the right wood, not too green, not too rotten. It needs to be propped tee-pee style so that the oxygen can rush up through it to feed the flame. If you add too much wood at one time, you will dowse the fire before it’s had a chance to rage. If you add too little, it won’t even start.

Feeding your passion is the same. We often pile stacks of wood onto ourselves, thinking more is, well, more, when in reality less will do just fine. We sometimes put on the wrong kind of wood, harming the very flame we so long to feed. And other days we walk away from it too long so that it turns to smoldering lump of ash.

Do you tend to your fire every day? What might you do today to sustain the slow burn that gives off the most heat? Tell me. I want to know!

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