Cover of "The Alchemist"
Cover of The Alchemist

Water is an element we cannot live without. About three-quarters of the Earth is made up of water, as is the human body. Taking a bath is a luxurious thing. But stay in too long and you get waterlogged. Too much of a good thing can not only leave you with prune-like fingertips. It can actually be lethal. A tsunami is an example of too much water at once.

We often want too much of a good thing or too much of it at one time. As with the tsunami example, we rush toward our goals with a fury that is sometimes too much to bear. The power of slow teaches us to take one thing at a time, embracing the present while anticipating the future and honoring the past. We are creatures with three legs ~one in the past, one in the present and one in the future. At any given moment, we may place more weight on one than the other two. And that’s okay. A large part of your journey resides in where your heart is. As Paulo Coelho so rightly states in The Alchemist, you will find that which you are seeking was with you all along.

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  1. Dawn @ Marriage Intimacy

    May 10, 2010 at 3:06 am

    Hi Christine! I love the analogy you used. I agree with you that it’s important to focus on what the present. I think that it’s easier to motivate one’s self if an individual concentrates on the underlying values that drive him to achieve his goals. This allows him focus on the positive aspects of his life, thus, would help him prioritize his goals.

    1. powerofslow

      May 10, 2010 at 10:12 am

      Hi Dawn! Yes, in acting it is called looking at the ‘why’ of things. Why does the character do this or that? Once you understand the motivation, you can get to the heart of the matter and set goals accordingly. From there you can better decide how to navigate your life. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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