The Merry Little Breezes

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Fire, water and earth are not complete without the wind to caress the surface of all three. Wind is pushy oxygen that moves us. Fire needs it, but not too much lest the flame burns out. Water needs it to feed the fish it houses. Earth needs it to grow the plants that feed the fish. So as you see, the elements of life are as complex and interconnected as we are.

Sometimes wind changes direction. If you’ve ever observed a palm tree weeping and whipping in a tropical storm, you will know how seemingly capricious wind can be.

Who, or what, is the wind beneath your wings? What elevates you to your highest potential? Is it that phone call from a dear friend who just loves you as you are? Or maybe it’s looking into the eyes of your pet who showers you with unconditional adoration? Perhaps it is the look of gratitude from a neighbor as you greet his lonely face with a smile. What rocks your world? My guess is it is connection that lifts you up.

When we are in a windless state, we are sometimes in the eye of the storm. We can feel the air pressure rise around us. How might we keep our center as everything around us turns upside down?

Bless the wind for its power helps remind us we are on the very course intended for each one of us.

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