Slow Motion Monday

Last week was tremendous. Picking up the pace a bit, I travelled with book author, Deborah King (Truth Heals), acting as translator of both words and meaning. It was an extraordinary experience into the depths of the human soul (she does energy work). Despite the tiresome travel, I was left feeling energized and centered. I even learned that hugging a tree can ground you like nothing else, except perhaps my husband’s feet.

The kids came with my husband to the Austrian resort, which was our final destination on the week-long tour. My daughter rode horses, played with the animals and had a great time helping herself to the buffet. My son fell in love with our friends’ dogs and made mental plans to see them again soon. The warmth of the sun offset our despondence at the US loss during Saturday night’s World Cup soccer match.

Because I had kept up with most of my emails, I came home with less overwhelm than usual after a week’s absence. In fact, I realized how fine the balance can be between too much time ‘on’ and too much time ‘off’. We sometimes think we have to be ‘on’ all the time. Not so. Unplugging for a weekend of fun and frolicking can be just the thing to make your Monday joyful and slow!


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