Time (and Back) Saving Travel Tip

Have you ever spent what felt like hours at the airport gate desk, trying to wrangle a new seat assignment because you discovered too late that your seat is right next to the lavatory on an overcrowded flight?

For those of you who travel long distances, I just found a great online site that shows you exact where your seat assignment is. SeatGuru.com has a database of every flight, airline and airplane imaginable so you can be assured the best seat in your price class. Once I discovered my Economy ticket couldn’t upgraded using frequent flyer miles, I referred to the site, then the travel agent, to ensure I don’t land with a crick in my neck eight hours later.

The best part? You’ll be guaranteed never to get that seat that doesn’t recline on your transcontinental journey because it tells you just about every seat feature it has. On top of a better flight overall, it will save you yet another trip to the chiropracter too!

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