When Mountains Turn to Molehills

The kitchen emitted an eardrum-splicing pitch.

“The fridge is making weird sounds,” I said to Husband. He grunted. It was early.

Fretting about yet another household item that required repair, I set about my morning in the attempt to surpress the feeling that everything was going on the fritz simultaneously. I trudged the moutain of worry until I put my ear to the fridge door a few hours later.

It sounded like metal vibrating. Taking a deep breath, I entertained the idea that perhaps the sound was coming from a nearby cabinet instead.

It was.

The “fridge sound” was a metal drying rack atop a metal cake form. The refrigerator motor hummed soundlessly. The metal forms did not.

It was nothing really. A mountain that turned into a molehill.

How often do we fret, relentlessly perhaps, about things that are easily prevented? When we rush around without thought, we forget that perhaps the noise we are hearing isn’t what we think. Perhaps it is quite the opposite.

This morning was a lesson in slow. When we take a moment to view the Big Picture, we sometimes find things aren’t always what they seem!

Have you had a mountain-turned-molehill moment lately? Please share!


  1. Debora

    March 13, 2012 at 3:29 am

    Reminds me of the time that our freestanding fireplace chimney was making a vibrating noise as though a bird was caught inside of it. I was just freaking out…thinking that somehow a bird had flown down the chimney. I walked outside to look up on the roof at the chimney. There was a woodpecker atop it, pecking on the piece of metal at the top of the chimney for all he was worth! The sound was reverbrating all the way down to the fireplace! Sometimes our imaginations work overtime!

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