Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Honest.

Have you ever tried to fill a spoon with water under a running faucet? When you turn the faucet on too high, the water comes out too fast and you end up all wet. When you slow the flow of water, it fills the spoon much faster.

That is the power of slow at work.

If you are in a hurry toward a certain goal, you might miss important signs to get you there faster than if you took a moment to watch for the signs. Sometimes you might think you are treading water, but if you watched any of the synchronized swimming events during the Olympics, you would know even treading water involves movement. Lots of it, in fact. Sometimes it is merely hidden from view, even your own.

We might feel we are moving backward in our lives, but the truth is it is all a part of our path. There really is no such thing as failure, but information about what works and what doesn’t at any given moment.

If you want to win the race in your life, you can by holding steady to your vision. Sometimes that vision will take on a different shape, and that’s okay too. We all make decisions based on our level of awareness and with the information we have at the moment. It is okay to change your mind, alter your course and take a new path to your goals.

Nothing is permanent. At the end of your days on Earth, will you be able to say “I lived fully”? If the answer is yes, you’ve already won.

Slow or fast will get you to your final destination. The difference is how and what shape you are in when you do.

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