The Last Time

When was the last time you heard the rain fall onto dead leaves? Or the near silent descent of snow tumbling from the sky? When was the last time you rode in a car without sound ~ without music or the persistent drone of your navigation system?

When was the last time you really listened to another who spoke of his pain ~ without judgement?

Can you recall the last time you felt your heart beat…and what you thought as you listened to its rhythm?

Can you remember a time when you told yourself something kind instead of the usual list of things you didn’t get right?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. But if it were your last, what would you remember about the time you spent on Earth?

We often have a memory of our first time: our first kiss, our first love, our first encounter with someone special. As human beings, we are programmed to live as if there will always be another time. But if that time never comes? We never know when it will be our last.

Cherish each moment. What you have is now. If your life is a blur, take it down a notch to notice the treasures hidden deep within every experience. They are there, waiting to be seen by you. Every time.


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