The Regifting Dilemma

The green lampshade with plastic pearls that your Aunt Bertha gave you ten Christmases ago is still sitting in the corner of your basement collecting dust. You didn’t have the courage to pass it on to someone who might treasure it more than you.

Or what about those set of dishes your friend gave you because they were ‘so you’? Not.

Regifting something that someone else might like better is a great way to keep the cycle of energy going. I don’t see it as an inappropriate thing, as long as you are sensitive to the intention of the person who gave you the item in the first place.

Yankee Swap parties are great for bringing those gifts you will never use (just be sure to review the guest list so that the giver isn’t attending!). Essentially, everyone brings one item they would like to exchange for another. Each person pulls a number from a hat to determine the order of gift selection. Inevitably, one items gets more coveted than the rest and that’s when the fun, and real wrangling, begins! (See here for official game rules).

For most of us, we live in a world of plenty. It’s time to pass it around a little bit.

According to a new survey of 3,774 men and women ages 21-to 65-years-old conducted by the international yard sale site, 62 percent plan to regift an item during the 2012 holiday season. Most people surveyed (92 percent) consider regifting acceptable.

But then again, some are more savvy than others. The following are a few of the most embarrassing or quirky regifted items respondents have received:

o    Monogrammed items with someone else’s initials
o    Two-year-old fruitcake
o    Box of chocolates with bites taken out of several pieces
o    Electric toothbrush
o    Fingernail clippers
o    False teeth
o    Used toilet seat
o    Outdated desk calendar
o    Items the recipient had originally given to the gifter
o    Toys with broken pieces
o    Gift cards that were partially used

It’s the thought that counts. Really. But before passing on junk, consider recycling at your municipal center first!


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