Dancing in the Fullness of You

As we near the end of this most tumultuous year, I am reminded of how it began ~ in the sleepy, quiet night of a Swiss German valley with a champagne toast amongst the snowflakes that fell.

New Year’s Eve holds many promises of future delight and striving. It captures our hope for a brighter tomorrow, filled with adventure, fun and learning. And when New Year’s Day arrives, a whole 365 days of newness lay at our feet.

Did you know you would be where you are today on the first of this past year? I certainly did not.

Instead of waiting for a magic number on a calendar, what if we were to dance in the fullness of ourselves, not only at this time of year, but for the rest of it as we realize every day reflects a new beginning? We needn’t only make amends to ourselves on January 1. We can start at any time to celebrate our lives as we want them to be.

Let’s put aside our New Year resolutions and make New Life ones instead. Begin now. It’s the only time you’ll ever be sure to have.


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