The Secret Closet

Do you have a place to house your secrets? Mine live with the trees and in the mirrors of places I’ve been. I speak my thoughts to those things, hanging them on limbs and smearing them across glass, smooth and soft like the inside of my heart.

My sister holds vigil in her walk-in closet where she expresses her thoughts, often to herself and to me across the ethers. It’s a sacred space of opening when the world just won’t listen.

We all need a sacred space to cherish those inner thoughts and feelings. They need to be housed in a safe place so life won’t trample on them. Maybe a special friend is the person who is the keeper of your ideas. Whoever, or whatever it is, it is a most valuable thing to have in life.

A friend once told me to create an altar of all my special things in the form of a circle. I keep those symbols under my Buddha (with a busted knee), pointing me in the right direction when I get lost or feel alone. It is my secret closet, right out in the open, but no one really knows what those items mean.

And it doesn’t matter. I know the meaning instrinsic to them. Each has a story, as we all do.

It is important to tell yours, to not withhold it from those who are special to you. It makes you unique, and they will love you all the more for it.

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