Get to the Bounce

Resilience is a great quality. My mom has it. No matter what life throws at her, she either ducks, jumps or swims along. My sister is similar. That girl’s got bounce.

I wasn’t so sure I possessed much bounce until my family recently reminded me of the things I’ve managed over the years. We often take ourselves for granted, thinking it’s normal to do what we do.  But then one day, someone comes along to show you there’s another way indeed.

I’ve not always been slow, mind you. At times I have taken on way too much, but such are the vagaries of youth.

As I have grown in wisdom (that’s code for “I’ve earned these wrinkles, okay, people?”), I have begun to realize how important it is to know what to fight for…and when to lay down my arms.

Resilience is an accompanying factor to those moments when you aren’t certain whether fight or flight is the best path. It gives you the backbone to withstand the winds of time. It tells you what to do when you simply don’t know how to get their yourself.

That still voice within keeps you going in times of uncertainty. It resides at your core and guides you through the thickness of life. Bounce helps. A lot.

Have you tried out your bounce lately? If you haven’t, dust it off and give it a try. It’s a lot more fun when you do it with those you love.

Live like joy is your only option. And soon you will see that it is.

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