Live Your Amazingness

Have you forgotten how incredible you are? Have you lost your sense of amazingness?

When we are born, we are convinced of it. We learn to crawl, walk, run. And then we keep running. Away from who we are.

Some of us realize, midway through the thick of life, that our innate goodness has been buried in the experiences we all share: disappointment, dashed hope, the collective of what our parents/schooling/society calls reality.

But what is real?

Our souls know what is real. The trouble is that the language of the soul starts in a whisper. If we never learn how to listen to it, it remains at that volume and so we barely hear it, if at all.

Until our bodies catch up and tell us something isn’t quite right. Our hearts ache. We don’t know why. So we take a pill and diagnose our condition in medical terms.

Even when we reach that state, we have the power to recapture our amazingness. Perhaps especially when our bodies start to hurt, we have the chance to reignite the magic with which we were born.

The solution to our human condition does not reside in our minds. It is housed in our spirits, the essence of ourselves that never vanishes even when our bones turn to dust.

You can live your amazingness by remembering you are more than the body you have. You are more than your job title, your marital status, or your role in this world.

The “you” of which I speak dances outside of time and space. You are eternal. And you can access it any time you want.


By asking yourself where your soul is located within yourself. Then listen to what it says.

Take a moment today to reconnect with your own divinity. The world needs the real you that lies beneath the piles of history laid upon you.


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