Finding Your Heartsong

One of the most gratifying experiences of my life has been watching children discover their own talents: a kind word, encouraging guidance and a beacon of light to illuminate their way are all they need. Then one day they come home from school with a picture they’ve drawn that they consider “not so bad after all”. Or they raise their voices in the bathroom, singing into the hairbrush and dreaming of that moment on stage.

We all carry a heartsong within us. Some of us have been lucky enough to have parents who told us we could do anything. And we believed them. Others might have experienced adversity and a belief system that told them who they were, what they should do and how to navigate life “safely”.

There’s no room for heartsongs in a safety net. Heartsongs live outside of such structures. They dwell within us and depending on how loud they are, they cry to get out – no matter what.

If you have a driven personality, you might have been confronted by your heartsong more than once. It comes out in those moments when you just know something is right, even if your environment is telling you just the opposite.

We are all products of our education, and yet our heartsong is not. It is the intrinsic part of ourselves with which we came into this world.

No matter your age, you can find that heartsong. And you can sing it with all your might. Find people who see it too. They will support you when the world is telling you that you are crazy. Believe me, my friends, you are not.

I believe in you. Heck, I’ll even provide the hairbrush.

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