You Are Not Alone

Do you ever feel isolated, alone, not connected with anyone or anything?

Then look at your hands. See what they do.

They reach. They move. They write.  They create.

Do ever think you aren’t a part of something greater than yourself?

Then look at your feet. Watch what they do.

They dance. They walk. They dangle from your chair.

Do you ever sense no one understands?

Then look at yourself in the mirror. Gaze into your own eyes.

They see. They peer. They look back. Right at you.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. And your soul is part of the Universe, a vast place that contains everything.

You are not alone although everyone feels alone sometimes. But the truth is we are all connected.

Every one of us. You are us. You are me. I am you.

Look to the stars, if you doubt it.

They will tell you the story. And if the sky is dark, the clouds covering every one of them, know that they are there just the same.

You may not see them. But they exist.

And so do you.

If you feel overwhelmed, not knowing what your purpose is, then take this moment to keep climbing toward the sky.

Sometimes the darkness reigns. But then, just when you think you will never emerge from it, the light will shine again. The sun will blind you with its brilliance. You may not believe it the moment you see the light, but it is there to guide you.

And you know what? The darkness is just as instructive.

Embrace it all with the knowledge that everything happens for a reason.

You happened for a reason. It’s your job to find out why.

You’ve got the time. But you’ve got to believe it. And when you live in that belief, you will take flight, making the climb effortless.


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