The paradox of our existence is that we live as if we are eternal. And while it is true that our souls never die, our bodies always do.

It is shattering when we learn that someone we loved, even if we have never met that person, has passed away. Such was the case this morning as I flipped to my Facebook page, expecting funny pictures of my sister’s animals to be posted along with casual acquaintances’ news about nothing in particular. I learned that Debbie Ford, an amazing best-selling author and sister of my dear friend Arielle Ford, had transitioned out of her body for good.

She wasn’t much older than my sister. It hit home in a way that recognition of our own mortality always does. We are here for a short time. We all have a personal bank account with minutes, days, years that we can choose to fill in meaningful, joyful ways or with much heartache and sorrow.

Debbie chose to write books that impacted the world in very powerful ways: Spiritual Divorce was one of her first works that paved the way for a new approach to look at the changes in our marital relationships, one that leaves us no longer the victim, but the champion of our own evolution. Her last book, Courage, spoke of her own struggles with addiction and the cancer that ultimately took her life.

But through all her challenges, she chose to apply her life experiences to help others overcome their own issues. I truly loved her, although we only ever spoke on the phone once and never met personally.

Debbie is a role model for us all that no matter what life throws at you, you can live a life that matters.

Debbie, we will miss you, your courage and the power you brought to this world. Thank you for helping me find mine.

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