Habits are hard to break, especially the ones that aren’t good for us. But as creatures that love routine, we cling to our structures as if our lives depended on it. That’s how we’re made.

What would we do if we didn’t have our preset structures? Most of us think we  will die if we relinquish them.

Who would we be without all that pain, confusion or stasis? We get so accustomed to the rut we are in that we think that is all there ever is for us.

That is so not true.

Nature hates a vacuum. The moment we release those old unhealthy ways of being, something new takes its place. It is universal law. Energy gets set into motion that was constipated in the caverns of our being, exhausting us as we attempt to keep a lid on that which we don’t want to see.

Many times we think if we let go of the familiar, nothing good can come of it. Even if the familiar isn’t the best for us, it is what we know. And we hold on tight to that which we know for fear that it could only get worse.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you know you need to experience a shift, but are worried about how to go about it, that’s normal. The good news is you are aware that something has to change. Just stating the intention that you will support the process of change is enough. It makes you more aware and in tune with your surroundings, your feelings and your situation. It requires self-trust, something we all struggle with at times. But have you ever noticed that the right people show up just when you thought you were alone to remind you that you are trustworthy? Very trustworthy indeed.

That’s another universal law.

Yeah, the Universe is cool that way.


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