Simple Pleasures

The greatest pleasures in life are free.

Take laughter as an example. Do it daily. You’ll live longer…and better too.

Or how about sunshine? On days when the sun is beaming, let the rays shower your spirit (use sunscreen, of course!).

Connecting with dear friends is another way to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. A phone call, a Skype chat, or time over coffee are great ways to solidify relationships. Time with friends is time well-spent indeed.

Or what about discovering that first bulb of springtime? Those snowdrops that rise triumphantly from the ground as harbingers of warmer times? They can skyrocket your pleasure levels in an instant.

Making new friends is truly pleasurable, if only it turns out to be a brief encounter in time. A smile shared with a stranger on a train or a kind gesture as you let someone in front of you in traffic can increase your quality of life.

Goodness can be had anywhere. And with it the pleasures that life offers every day.

How will you experience simple pleasures today?

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