The Liberation Closure Can Bring

“Closure, when you can get it, is so powerful and liberating,” a friend posted on Facebook this morning.

She is so right.

closureLissa Coffey penned a book entitled Closure that I had the pleasure of reviewing a few years ago. She talks about the importance of tying up loose ends, ending what you have begun and honoring the evolutionary process that is our life by gaining a sense of completion for things that no longer serve us.

She goes beyond the conversation of grief, although that is a great part of any ending, to discuss what possibilities lie in endings, which are only beginnings of a new phase. But before we can look to the horizon, we must look to the ground beneath our feet and understand where we are before we can get to where we are going.

Successfully finding closure is indeed as liberating as the first decision you take to make a real change in your life. It involves a process, and each of us goes through that process in our own time.

When we bring things to a close, only then are we truly free to start something new. Otherwise, the dregs of that experience cling to the bottom of our glass, half-full or half-empty, until we deal with it once and for all.

Much like the shadow, of which I recently spoke, we must embrace every component of our lives. It is what makes us who we are.

And who we are, when we really see ourselves, is pretty magnificent.

Believe me when I say: Who you are makes a difference. You really do.

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