A New Way to Look at Time

Travel is a great way to not only see the world, but to reflect on your own. Whenever I meet new people, my perspective shifts just ever so slightly, adding layers to my understanding of things.

It is the best education.

For years I valued the Teutonic view of time. It is a rigid understanding of minutes on the clock, of punctuality, of a no-nonsense view of the units that make up our day. The Teutonic view of time leaves no room for questions, for flexibility, or a fluidity that I have craved for more years than I realized. You be on time. Or else.

Gasp. Someone give me air!

Then one day, rather suddenly, I began to see the value in taking your time instead of always having to be on time. When we loosen the reins on our understanding of our schedules, it leaves room for the very creativity many of us have tried to foster all our lives. Of course, honoring others people’s time by being punctual is useful and helpful and wonderful. But there are also times when being late can’t be helped. And that’s okay too.

Today I was stuck in traffic due to a bike race through our town. I was going to be late, but it didn’t really matter. I had nothing to lose but my temper so why should I even lose that?

A dear friend of mine has a very Latin view of time. He says being slightly late is actually very freeing. So I tried it on for size today. And it felt good to be unshackled from the regiments of the clock, from the marching Germanic footsoldiers that clack to the rhythm of the second hand on my watch. I smiled as I slid into my driveway much later than planned.

So what? Time really is all we have. Why waste it being upset when you can enjoy the pockets of energy that get liberated when you ride easy in the harness?!

We will all get to where we need to be. On time or not. Dare to dance outside of time for just a little while. It will make you smile. I promise you that.

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