Listen to the Voice

Television isn’t really something I enjoy much. But there is one show I like: The Voice.

The premise of the show is a person’s singing talent and nothing else: at least, at first. The contestants are required to sing while the jury only listens to their voice without seeing who is performing. It is a singular focus on their ability to belt out tunes, not their external demeanour, that counts.

Perhaps it is this laser-like focus that inspires me. Like any lover of Slow, I like to take things one at a time. Tuning into the voice within while tuning out the world is a simple Slow practice.

The voice speaks rather clearly if we have the ears to hear it. Like the jury members who block out everything but the sound, if we home in on what our inner voice is saying, we have a clear roadmap of what to do.

These days my inner voice has rung clear as a bell and when I follow it, magic happens.

This past weekend I followed my inner voice’s instruction. As a result, I made some awesome friends and even landed a job interview in Basel!

Listen to your voice. The Voice. It is the one that will guide you to your greatest potential. Every time.

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