Of Broken Bones, Hearts and Dreams

In physics, energy is neither created nor destroyed. It simply changes form.

In life, things change form all the time. Take my mama’s wrist, for instance. She broke it whilst trying to rescue a bullfrog from her pool recently. It changed form instantly, but it has also been put back together by an extremely competent doctor.

Or consider a broken heart. It expands, lets love in, then contracts as that love slips (or gets yanked) away. Depending on the severity of the heartbreak, your whole body could change form. People handle their stress differently. Some eat for comfort, thereby gaining weight. Others forget to eat altogether, thereby losing it. Your face could wear the burden of that pain, drawing lines into your skin that you think will never go away.

Or dreams can shatter as a reality that doesn’t support them creeps in.

But here’s the good news. No matter what, life implies movement. And with those changes in form, energy that was once blocked gets released. Doors fly open as windows slam shut. Your old dream is replaced by an even bigger, more suitable one for yourself.

Your heart may have been broken, but its ability to expand infinitely has been proven. And you have exercised one of the most important muscles in your entire body ~ the love muscle, which is central to your well-being. While it may have been stretched beyond what’s comfortable, you now carry with you a wisdom you didn’t have before. You now know something you didn’t prior to the experience. And that can be extremely helpful in your life.

Broken bones can be fixed too. Nothing that is shattered can’t be repaired. As Onerepublic so rightly sings, “With every broken bone, I swear I lived.”

My mama can say that. And whether it’s your bones, your heart or your dreams, with every broken piece, you have indeed lived!

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