The Storyteller

We all tell stories. Every day.

Some of us get paid to do it. Others do not. But every one of us tells ourselves, and others, who we are through the way in which we move through the world.

Oftentimes those stories couldn’t be farther from the truth.

When people ask me why I wanted to move to Freiburg, I give them the intellectual response: it is the sunniest place in Germany. I’m a child of Light. That’s why.

But that is only a partial truth.

I also moved here because a voice inside said I had to. An absolute must. But most people, I am guessing, wouldn’t understand what I mean. It is hard to explain messages that come from the Universe unless you’ve experienced them yourself.

And you can. It takes a deep kind of listening and patience. If I can do it (I am not known for my patience, but I have improved over the years!), anyone can.

The process of fine-tuning your intuition requires you slow down for a moment. It takes a certain level of reflection. While that might feel like a limitation to your fast-paced life, I promise you it is actually a shortcut to a much fuller life than you can imagine.

That’s how I wrote The Power of Slow. Whenever I felt stuck, I’d stop, look and listen. Inevitably, a new message flowed into my brain and onto the screen.

Without fail.

Ask any artist and he or she will tell you that entering that Zone is about communing with a Higher Force than the one we typically recognize in our day-to-day lives. As omnipresent as this Force is, we often ignore it or fail to see it at work. The more attention you give to it, however, the louder it will speak.

I swear that’s how it works.

For the past few months, I have completely given in to this process. And every day a new surprise awaits me.

You may think there is no way out of the stories you tell. But if you made up the one you’re living now, you can bet your sweet bippy that you can make up another one with a better ending.

We all tell stories. The question is which one do you choose to believe?

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