Dance Between the Raindrops

Yesterday I got caught in two rainstorms. In my old, pre-Slow life, I may have found that to be problematic at best. But now I take it, take it all, with a blissful acceptance that everything is meant to be. And to be offered an opportunity, at every moment, to grow beyond yourself, to see things as a chance to dance, not fret.

When you look at it that way, getting wet is not such a bad thing after all.

We make up stories every day about the why, what and wherefore of things. We categorize, analyze and discern meaning where there perhaps is none.

We are mean-making machines. We thrive on finding it in virtually everything.

And if we are built this way, to define things, even time itself, as something, anything, why not interpret your world as a thing of beauty?

You have the power to orchestrate your reality to the highest good.

When you believe, you begin to receive – in ways you may never have thought possible. People will start to notice that smile on your face and want to know more. Goodness will gravitate toward you because you have the eyes to see it -at long last.

So dance between the raindrops. Embrace joy wherever you can.

It is worth it. It really is.


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