Mind Unpolluted

Over a year ago I decided to stop watching TV regularly. In fact, for twelve months I didn’t watch it at all. I immediately dropped ten pounds, which never returned. And I discarded an enormous amount of mind pollution in the process.

Photo Courtesy of Celina Stone.
Photo Courtesy of Celina Stone.

Peeking in on the news every once in a while is like watching the movie Groundhog Day. Nothing changes. Day after day. The coverage is the same. Just fill in the blanks. If it isn’t bad news, it’s not considered news at all.

I found it distinctly depressing.

In this day and age you can fill your mind with information at any time. And it eeks into our brains whether we want it to or not. Billboard signs, messages on the sides of city busses, magazine racks at the check-out counter. All of it is telling you what you desparately need to live a fulfilled life. As if you aren’t already because you are not yet in possession of said product, idea or fashion statement.

In those moments when your mind is reeling with data, step into Nature. Its message is clear: you are here. So am I. And believe it or not, we are one.

It’s simple, really. Nothing more is asked of you than to exist. Just as you are. Without makeup. Without fancy shoes. Without that must-have hairstyle that sets you apart from the rest.

Nature is about acceptance of That Which Is. It has its own rhythm, unstrained and non-rushing. It blooms, wilts, dies, regenerates. It undulates and rotates and captivates.

Nature simply is.

If we were to emulate a life according to Nature instead of one according to all those man-made messages, we would live a life fulfilled.

I’m game.

Are you?

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