The Magic Place

It is no wonder that most fairytales take place in the woods. Trees exude magic.

The Japanese understand the importance of the woods. In fact, they have a term for the time you spend there, “Shinrin-yoku” ~ it is roughly translated to mean ‘forest bathing‘. Dipping into the thick air can soothe the soul.

Freiburg, Germany
Freiburg, Germany

If you have lost that magic place within yourself, return to Nature. It’s healing powers will awaken your spirit like no drug can do (in fact, drugs actually dampen your spirit, making you numb, not nimble).

Every day I take a walk through our nearby woods. When I first got my apartment, I had no idea what lay before my very doorstep – within five minutes I can be in a nature reserve. To think I live in a city nestled in a magical forest!

Any day now I’m expecting Snow White to emerge from the blanket of green behind my building.

Wherever you live, find your magic place. It’s the source of your greatest strength.

Cherish your inner altar with a good romp in the woods. Your soul, and the world around you, will thank you!


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