The Dance of Desire

Over a year ago I wrote about desire versus craving. We all desire things. Sometimes we crave them too.

The difference between desire and craving is subtle, but true. Desire is an expression of longing. Craving is an expression of neediness.

Dancing in the delight of desire is spectacular. It is a teasing, a delicious yearning for something just out of reach, but with the promise of its fulfillment.

A craving is an insatiable hunger that can never really be stilled.

When we rest in our own awareness, we experience desire.

When we place our power outside of ourselves, it turns into a craving, that toxic place in which we lose touch with our own reality.

We imagine things that are not real. We create ghosts that tell us what we want to hear, but they are only apparitions of our own making.

We have all experienced disappointments in life when we truly thought something to be real, only to find out it was a mirage. Our minds played tricks on our hearts and what we thought to be desire wasn’t that at all.

When we remain in consciousness, we can elevate our thinking, our beingness, our everything. We can liberate ourselves from the falsehoods of our cravings when we are truly honest with ourselves.

Honesty opens the door to our inner truth, that True Space in which we become one with ourselves. From there we can meld with the Higher Power that exists within each of us. Only then can we become aware of our infinite connection with each other.

And with that knowingness, we are set free — free to desire, free to dance, free to be who we truly are.

Allow life to seduce you to that place of desire. In that space between the promise and its fruition, you, and everything you’ve ever wished for, will be born.


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