The Natural Family Connection

The shape and size of family depends wholly on the connection you have to the people in your circle. Sometimes its form has to change for things to work better. Some people fall off the radar while others remain by your side — rock solid — no matter what. Relationships evolve. Nothing is ever lost or gets dissolved. It simply alters form.

Sometimes the pace of family life has to change too.

Virtually every day I hear about kids who are rushed from one activity to the next, in scheduled activities from dawn until dusk. Then their parents complain about the children who don’t know how to deal with their boredom on a rare day off because they rarely are bored at all.

Boredom, I tell my children, places you at the cusp of creativity. Without that space between activities, we would never have a chance to let our minds wander. A rigidly organized life leaves no room for new thoughts to enter.

The other day I went to a petting zoo with my kids along with my friend and his son. Along with the lovely weather, the outing was beautiful for its simplicity.

The kids reconnected with themselves by observing the animals grazing. What could have been considered ‘boring’ wasn’t because we got to explore something new together.

My friend and I watched our children expand beyond themselves by being outside, climbing trees and maneuvering through playground sculptures. The monkeys, furry pigs, llamas, camels and goats suddenly became a part of our larger family. For that moment in time, we were one with the greatest force in the world – Nature itself.

Family is about connection. So is Nature. If you combine both, you will see family is about more than just blood relations. It is about sharing precious moments of togetherness with those you love and celebrating the simple fact that we have each other.



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