If you hold an eight ounce glass of water for a minute, it feels like nothing. If you hold it for a day, the weight of it can crush you.

And so it is when we carry around bad feelings. A fleeting moment of sorrow or sadness is a part of being human. But carrying the weight of those feelings for years can feel like a ton of bricks.

Forgiveness can set you free.

Forgiveness is not about accepting or embracing bad actions. It is about releasing the hold they have over you.

Forgive yourself for your wrongdoings. No one’s perfect. Including you. So you messed up. Okay. Did you learn from it? The mistakes you make give you your unique patina. Self-forgiveness is critical in letting go of negative thoughts about yourself, which, in turn, hold you hostage to making even more bad decisions.

Forgive others for their transgressions. They did what they did. Release yourself from the shackles of pain that keep you connected to the feelings about what those people did. Bless everyone. Yes, even that thorn in your side who is there to teach you something really great about yourself.

You cannot undo the past. But you can make a new future.

Today is the day we begin.



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