Your Secret Place

The holiday season is meant to be a basket of joy, but I am getting the sense that many people are more on edge than usual.

On those days when life gets out of hand, expectations mount and stress spills into your bloodstream, it is important to go to that secret place inside yourself that makes you feel whole again.

Sometimes it helps to surround yourself with beauty. Nature can do that. In fact, Nature does it without trying. It is amazing how effortlessly the sky can look like this:

FR Llama
Mundenhof, Freiburg
FR Sky
The Freiburg Sky, December 16, 2013
FR Sky with Llama
Mundenhof, Freiburg

Astounding grace! The perfection with which the Freiburg sky embroiders sunlight with cloud humbly brings me back to my secret center ~every time.

If you are getting lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, go outdoors. Discover the simplicity of Nature’s call. It will help you return to that place inside that is more powerful than the sun, reminding you that who you are is more than enough.



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