Naming the Year

A new start, a new year, a new opportunity to do things a little differently. Saying goodbye to 2013 was a blessing. It meant truly putting in the past what belongs there.

In contrast, welcoming in a New Year is often as joyous as the birth of a child. It gives us hope, promise and a sense of warmth. January offers us a chance at a new life. For just a moment we broaden our vision to the time that lays before us with a feeling of renewal and, in some cases, decided grace.

Whether you brought in the New Year  in your sleep or in a completely awakened state of mind, we are all faced with the challenge of living to our fullest capacity. Will we repeat the mistakes of the past ~ or have we learned from them? Will we branch out, stretch beyond what we thought possible and become even better versions of ourselves?

That is the hope for 2014.

As we enter this year, I ask you to consider naming your year. Whether it is the Year of All Dreams Fulfilled, the Year of Flow, or the Year of Travel, framing your year with a sense of purpose will serve to remind you later when you forget the very thing that made you smile on January 1.

I declare 2014 the Year of Kindness ~ to myself and to others. Kindness comes in many forms ~ in forgiveness, in shared laughter, in a book read outloud or an unexpected hug. I look forward to discovering how kindness will take shape this year.

What are you looking forward to? Remember the past is behind us forevermore. Now is what we have ~ and the promise of a brighter future filled with love, fun, and immeasurable joy.

That is my wish for you, dear ones.

Welcome to the world of all things possible for you — and for everyone.

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