In Praise of the Laze

Monday mornings have a bad reputation. It’s not Monday’s fault that it begins the work week. Yet most people would say they have a funny feeling when Monday comes around. A subtle sense of reluctance sets in.

But why? Monday is just one day out of seven.

For many people, it implies the beginning of a seemingly endless cycle of discontent and stress. Work, after all, is no fun. At least a lot of people think that way. But what if we were to spend time on the things we truly enjoy? What if work equalled play? And that we spent most of our time truly loving what we do?

It is possible.

Anything is possible.

One of the main reasons Monday morning gets a bad wrap is that we spend our weekends making up for what we don’t experience during the week. An imbalance sets in as we cram in a ton of activities to ensure we have some kind of fun before the work week begins again. But what if we spent a part of each day in a state of laze — that is, rest? If we were to pace ourselves to match what we were capable of that day instead of pushing harder and ending each Friday exhausted, depleted and completely worn out?

It is a goal worth setting.

After an incredibly fun weekend of rest and play, I awoke this morning with a feeling of hope, not despair. It is Monday morning. I get to play in a different way today – connecting with people, telling stories and sharing my clients’ dreams with the media.

Laze each day – if only for a moment. Our brains need a rest just as much as the rest of our bodies do. And then Monday morning becomes just as beautiful as the rest of our lives.

It is possible. It truly is.



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