The Spaces of You

Everyone has an inner sanctum, a place inside to which each of us goes when we need a break from the world. Some call it their ‘bubble’; others their internal altar. Whatever you call it, it is that True Space within that needs as much nurturing as a small child.

It is the source of our strength, resolve and determination. If left neglected, we wither. If fed, we thrive.

How we spend our time — and with whom — greatly impacts our well-being.

Like a cavern, we have hidden spaces that house our inner most secrets. If we are lucky enough, we might share some of those nooks and crannies and shadowy information with a trusted Loved One. But there are always spaces that are kept in the shadows, sometimes even from ourselves.

Life is about exploring those spaces to the end of time. How far we come in our grandiose exploration is up to us — and to the will of the Universe.

How we view the world reveals a lot about the state of our inner space. If we tend to paint the world a shade of black, it is pretty certain that our inner worlds look dark too. If we move more toward shades of yellow, our inner lives emanate the sunshine we see on the outside as well.

Relationships are based on the investigation of those inner spaces. Dwell deeply. Cherish the shared moments of connection – most of all, with yourself. It is what will sustain you and bring you to your Happy Place.

I hope to see you there.

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