Friday – In Pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words. And because my super-duper webmaster finally fixed the bug that made my blog sick (and pictureless), I am honoring his efforts by posting a few of my favorite snapshots today.

Enjoy the view!

I gave my best friend this mug before I set off for a new life in Freiburg, Germany. I had no idea what awaited me…

(c) 2014 Tanja Bruch Photography
(c) 2014 Tanja Bruch Photography











One thing I hoped for was a lot of sunshine.

freiburg sky april 11, 2014









I got it.

And sometimes, with change, comes upset. Like spilled milk. But look at how pretty it can be!

Freiburg spilled milk







Freiburg is special. I knew I was on to something.

Freiburg tree 2014









“Even the trees smile here,” my visiting sister said.

I had to agree.

Freiburg Erdmännchen_2014







There’s even a local petting zoo within walking distance.

For free.

Freiburg - road less travelled









Sometimes taking the road less travelled is scary.










You can get into deep water.

But truth be told, it has been so very worth it.

Cuz what you get in the end is the sense of being free. Which means FREI in German.

Kinda like FREIburg. Yeah. Life is funny like that!


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