Let There Be Rain

If we only ever wanted sunshine, we’d never get rainbows.

Rain brings the Earth to life. It is essential to our existence. And yet we resist rain  — we complain about it as if it really weren’t necessary. It messes with our plans. We resent it.

And so it is with most things in life. Rain comes pouring down on us in the form of conflict, disconnect and misunderstandings. We lose our jobs, our partners, our sense of self. We step out into the downpour without an umbrella, completely naked and soaking wet.

We oftentimes forget how important these times are for our own growth. We kick. We scream. We wish all the discomfort away.

All the while we are deaf to the sounds of our own depth, growing deeper.

If we are attuned to the broader vision of our lives, we may see the storm around us as a momentary event that will bring us further into ourselves. The raging winds, the pelting rain beating against the pane and the swirl of seemingly never-ending wetness all serve a greater purpose toward self-discovery and a more meaningful connection to the world. Rain is transformative. It shapes us into who we are.

Water brings more richness to our lives — even in the form of tears. We can choose to see such moments as a gift – or as a curse.

Let there be rain, my friends. Only then, in concert with the sun, is it possible for rainbows to appear.


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