The Garden

If you were to think of your life as a garden, what would you plant? Maybe you’d have patches of vegetables or beds of flowers. Perhaps you’d have a few fruit trees right in the middle. Whatever you sow, one thing is for certain: your garden can only grow if you tend to it.

We all have segments of our lives that are full of weeds. And those areas change, depending on the situation. Tilling the soil every now and then is a good idea. But sometimes you also have to let it rest — or lay fallow — for new growth to appear.

For anyone who has ever planted a seed, you know you can’t pull at the seedling to make it grow faster. It rises from the Earth all on its own — and in its own time. All we can do is guide it to its fullest potential by giving it what it needs such as water and sunlight. The rest is up to Nature.

The same applies to our lives. We do what we can to live in a thriving garden. Sometimes storms knock down our plants, topple our orchard or flood our flower beds. But with each cycle comes deeper wisdom of how we might protect our gardens next time.

Roots grow stronger when they are allowed to unfold slowly.

So if you are in a rush today, stop for just a moment and ask yourself if you really need to go this fast. Remember the seed. Honor its time.

And never, ever forget to breathe.

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