The Many Forms Blessings Take

Blessings are often cloaked in the funniest of shapes and sizes. Sometimes you think the worst thing is happening, when in reality it is the force that is going to set you free. It’s its own special kind of liberation when you bust through those old belief systems.

Sometimes things are exactly as they seem. Sometimes they are not. What’s important is that you learn from everything. Take it all in. Every bit of it.

If you have had your ups and downs, then you know that your life has been filled with many, many blessings. They are the riches beneath the ruins. They are what make our lives so interesting.

After a particularly disappointing professional moment, my sister reminded me that the ending of one opportunity makes room for an even greater one. It’s like pulling up weeds in your garden. You clear the space for better things to grow.

Our ground cannot remain fertile if we don’t till it. And tilling requires a certain kind of upheaval. Without it things would stagnate. Of course too much upheaval isn’t good either; but a little shake every now and then keeps things fresh.

One thing I’ve learned is that a risk-free life is a boring one. So, after avoiding disappointment for years, I decided to give things a go even when failure was imminent.

If you listen to your internal GPS, it doesn’t matter if you ‘fail’ or not. What matters is that you tried at all. And besides, as I recently wrote, failure isn’t failure if you gave it all you’ve got.

Yes, even when things don’t work out as you think, blessings crop up in the place of that disappointment. If we move to the rhythm of our own hearts, we cannot lose.

The heart is stronger than steel.

Love can move mountains.

And that, my friends, is a blessing all of its own.


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