Love and Magic

swanWhere there is love, there is magic.

Where there is magic, there is mystery.

Where there is mystery, there is life.

Where there is life, there is love.

Amazing how that works, right?

If you’re not feeling the yin and yang of life, just remember it is like air — it is so very obvious to our existence and yet we cannot see it. We can only see the evidence of its existence. Like up and down. In and out. Yeah and nay. Heaven and hell.

Like that.

Yin and yang are two opposites that fold into each other beautifully. They match. And they need each other to complete the circle.

Of life.

Of ferris wheels.

Of Lollipops.

Like that.

So if you are wondering where that love is and you’re just not seeing it, well, my friend, then just be it.

Be the love you seek.

And then the magic will come. Sometimes from the strangest places indeed.

And well, the rest goes without saying.

Are you with me?

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