The dream interpreter

Dreams. They accompany us on life’s journey. Yet dreams can turn into expectations, which can turn into our worst nightmares.

We dream about what our lives could have been. And what they still could be.

We dream about what our children’s lives could have been. And what they still might be.

We dream about the betterment of humankind. And what we could still become.

It has been a year to learn about dreams and the potential they hold. Hope fills those dreams, reminding us to proceed with a caution that whispers sweetly in our ear.

Used by permission from Sharon McCutcheon,

Detachment is a fine way to entertain those dreams, knowing what we wish for may never come true. And should they not, we are to know something even better will come along. Or something more fitting to the path we must follow.

Learning to let go is a none too easy task. To take a backseat role in a life so well planned out. But when those twists and turns present themselves, I now know it is not up to me after all to fix things.

The most amazing people have emerged to help me tend to the wounds that expectations have left behind. I am so very grateful for every one of them.

The beauty of this life humbles me beyond compare. How else could we know of it than to see the ugliness too? And when pain dwells where our hearts have been, we see those dreams with clear eyes. They rise out of the mist and dissolve into something new.

May we never lose confidence in the power of those dreams. They will guide us to the lessons we need to learn most.

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