The crash of the ocean

Everything that happens on this Earth is in our best interest, even when it is cloaked in dark veils.

Some days I wonder why, why, why. Why the injustice? Why the struggle? Why the pain of existence?

And then, after a long pause, dancing between the option of yes and no, I look to the ‘yes’ and say ‘It is so.’

(c) 2013, Lanzarote: Photo used with permission from Klaus Polkowski

We do our best, bringing good to the world through our thoughts and deeds. Sometimes we fail in this endeavor, paddling like mad in an ocean of seeming despair. The crash of the ocean threatens to drown us. Or does it?

We can look to that ocean with all of the life undulating beneath its surface and see that adaption and adoption can bring us further than our limbs can carry us. Surrendering to its rhythm, we are free to float with the waves, even as they splash salt water on our faces.

The sheer fact that we are here tells me there is more to the story than the eye can see or the ear can hear. And when we mute those loud voices, we sense the soft, tender voice of our souls.

‘Listen. Listen.’

What are we supposed to listen for? The question is moot when we engage in the courageous act of accepting, perhaps for the first time, that beneath the dark veils is a slumbering light that would blind us if we did not have the eyes to see it.

I know everything happens for a reason. It is the innate understanding that we have no control over that which happens. But we do have control over what we make of its aftermath.

I am humbled in the presence of such majestic power. The heartbeat of our world will not be stilled. I wish to be witness to that grace. At the very least I will try to the end of my days not to get in its way.


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